It’s that time again when sweethearts shower each other in gifts and try to out-do each other with the best possible card! Or is it the time of year where-by singletons gear up for a night in with the girls drinking wine, eating chocolate and having a Bridget Jones’ Diary movie marathon? 

Valentine’s Day sounds like a great concept, celebrating mutual love and confessing crushes in the way of unsigned cards. However, it seems Valentine’s Day has become more saturated by tacky gifts and creating a mentality that if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you’re not worthy of celebrating this ‘lovers only’ day.

We’ve noticed a rise in more cards and gifts being focused around love that isn’t just shared between two coupled individuals. There’s the love of a child, the love of a family member and the love of a friend. Palentines Day (an alternative to Valentine’s Day which celebrates the love between friends) is taking the internet by storm! Which begs the question, could Valentine’s Day as we know it be set to evolve into a celebration of all love between anyone and everyone? 

We put our feelers out and asked a few bloggers and vloggers that have a finger in the evolving society pie what they thought... The content creators we spoke to are at the forefront of hearing what a growing community has to say on every possible topic. It’s with them we asked ‘If you could evolve Valentine’s Day, how would you like it to look in the future?’

Anna Brisbin

Anna's Social Media: Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram

Anna AKA Brizzy Voices is a YouTube creator with the ability to impersonate almost any comic book or Disney character under sun! Brizzy would like it if Valentine’s Day “put more emphasis on all types of love so that single humans feel less left out.” Brizzy went on to say “I would also like to abolish cheesy hallmark gifts, big teddy bears with hearts, etc. I just dislike the Valentines brand in general. But I think a stronger focus on familial and platonic love would help that.” “I'd like for Valentine’s to not be a day of pressured romance or gestures. Just a day to remind people you love them.” 

Ellie Steadman


Ellie's Social Media: Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram

Ellie Steadman is a lifestyle blogger and vlogger. Ellie documents her life each week with a weekly vlog and keeps her audience up to date with her travels and what she’s loved each month in the way of a monthly favourites video. Ellie told us that Valentine’s Day could be “less focused on couples and more of a general thing so that it encourages people to share love, positivity towards everyone and not just a romantic partner.” 

Gillian at Home


Gillian's Social Media: Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram

Gillian is a big Disney fan as you can see from her profile picture! Gillian lives across the pond in Canada and vlogs about her fashion choices, trips to Disney parks and lifestyle. “Valentine’s Day is my sister’s birthday, so it’s always been a celebration of her and our bond. I think it would be wonderful if Valentine’s Day could evolve to be about expressing all kinds of love between family and friends. It would be that much more magical if at the end of every February 14th, everyone laid their head down on their pillow feeling extra special and cared for because their friends and family made a point of reminding them that they are loved. The world needs more love!”

Laura Bubble


Laura's Social Media: Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram

Laura or ‘laurbubble’ as she’s known online is a comedic content creator and real life comedian! Laura is always looking for the funny side of anything… whether that’s relationships, special occasions or just everyday struggles. “I'd say that I'd like it to involve cinema nights filled with lots of cheesy romantic films and heart shaped chocolates and popcorn!” Laura may be pretty happy with how Valentine’s Day is currently…?

 Gary C


Gary's Social Media: Twitter - YouTube - Instagram

Gary is a long standing content creator on YouTube and was there from the early days of YouTube. Gary likes to showcase anything and everything on his channel. From song covers and drawings to talking about the hard subjects in life, it’s all on Gary’s YouTube channel. “I'd like [Valentine’s Day] to be more inclusive of people who are single. Make friendship cards & cards about caring for others on Valentine’s day.”

Based on what these content creators have said, it looks like the current culture around Valentine’s Day being tacky and couple’s focused may be set to change down the line. So, this Valentine’s Day, maybe take the time to think about someone other than a partner or crush. Think about the other people in your life who shower you in love all year round. Valentine’s may just be your chance to return a little of that love in a simple gesture?

What do you think?! Do you like Valentine’s Day as it is or do you agree with someone above? Comment below with your thoughts or join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tell us what you think. Be sure to check out of NEW range of gifts and cards here:

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