Our Story


Since 2012 we’ve been creating expertly crafted and personalised gifts to help you comemorate your most treasured memories.

Whether it’s marking Valentine’s day with a one-of-a-kind card or celebrating a little one’s first Christmas, we’re hear to add that extra touch to your celebrations. 

Some of our favourite collections include our anniversary gifts and cards, as well as our creative wedding day and gift solutions that help in adding that extra touch to the Bride’s special day.


Why Choose No Ordinary Gift Company?


No Ordinary Gift Company strives on being a ‘no ordinary’ company. We strive to provide products and a shopping experience that sets us apart from the crowd. It‘s our mission to help YOU find the one-of-a-kind product YOU are looking for.

You won’t find any products here that you can find in any high street store. Each of our products is designed to ensure you’re getting a totally unique item that both you and your recipient will be delighted with.

From the design team to the production team, each of us here at No Ordinary Gift Company is dedicated to giving your order the same love and attention we would for our own loved ones. You’re doing more than just buying a product from us, your buying a physical and tangible memory marker. Mark your memory with a gift from us today.

Our Commitments

- We’re commited to a safe and clean working enviroment for our employees. We ensure everyone is on a living wage and is treated with the respect they deserve.

- We endevour to provide a consistently friendly customer service experience that exceeds your expectations. We’ll never comprimise on quality. 

- Your order will always receive the care and attention it deserves.

- We’re always ensuring we produce your order as effienctly as possible. We want you to have your order as soon as physically possible.